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Online Casino, the entertainment hub, the provider of chance and opportunity, our new haven and home. There is now more than meets the eye of online casino establishments. Strip away all you thought of regarding land based casinos, it’s no longer the 90s, today the mecca for gambling has reached far superior heights and is now a force of commercial power across our Britannic boarders.

We have all witnessed the television advertisements and the sponsorships, the taboo is dead and gambling is back and in delightful force. Gambling has been on the up in the past 2 years, more notably now than memory serves. Register, you get a bonus, play inside you get a bonus, and the games you play have their own bonus and the pattern continues. No matter where you play we have you covered, for gamblers in South Africa, head to

Top UK Casinos: 3 of the best online casino platforms to join and each with a free bonus to use

2.Casumo Casino
3.Mr Green Casino

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For any online casino UK players can get hold of what is referred to as the Welcome Bonus, a thank you bonus issued by the casino for taking the time to register and join the other elite on board. Inside is a gamblers paradise, slots, roulette, blackjack, jackpot games, a wealth of experience goes into making the casinos tip-top as well as passing all the licensed regulated procedures to get them to the stage of running the company online, so with all the gambling control passed 99.99% of online casinos are providing the very best in all aspects from games to customer service. These are key points when looking for a new online casino. The strategy is the same for any country and for South Africans looking for an online casino will find guidance through our links.

If you want the most super bonuses online you have to enjoy the prospect of research, we can tell you what there is and where it is but we don’t want to come across all pushy. The information you’re after comes directly from the casinos promotions, these are the best areas to start in, under this category which you can access without registering will help you identify the kind of offers not only new member receive but existing players too, this will give you the best idea of what rewards to expect if you join. You can get more insight here at

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There are a few areas to consider when joining a casino online, such as customer support that offers help over the phone or via live chat, can you download the casino app directly? The sign up offer, if the website has a license from the gambling commission, do they support responsible gambling? And what software powers the casino’s gaming lobby? These areas may seem small and trivial but it all goes into making the best online casino available.

So what else to look out for, well, the name of the game is to win money, so let’s begin there. The number of games offered isn’t necessarily a sign or good or bad if the numbers are low or high. It’s about whether the onlline casino supports the games you like, whether it’s playing rainbow riches on the slots, your favourite card game, playing progressive jackpots or if you like classic table games. The services will be the best online if it tailors to your needs. Talking of needs, if you're looking for free blackjack for fun then within the link is a UK site to guide you to the perfect hand.

In the end, the key is to have fun and if you make a little fortune on the way then that’s just a bonus. It doesn’t take much but the right mix of entertainment mixed with a bit of cash and luck can go a long way. For UK support with blackjack then head to and learn a few new tricks and tips. Players from South Africa can enjoy more information over at