How to find the best cricket betting sites

Best Cricket Betting Sites

Due to the immense number of gamblers that cricket has, many online betting sites have sprung up to offer a lot of options on cricket betting. However, there is a slight snag. How does one know how reliable an online cricket betting site is and other services they may offer? There are many top bookies in India with good services.

This guide will talk about online cricket betting, the markets offered by betting sites, factors to consider before choosing a cricket betting site, and top cricket betting sites online.

Tips to be successful in cricket betting online

There are many strategies needed to win lots of money in online cricket betting.

Forecast before wagering

While luck plays a major role in cricket betting, we can't remove the place of thorough analysis. There are relevant things you need to consider before wagering on cricket. They are home soil, presence of top players, injuries, and form of the team. Getting a good analysis of the game increases your chance of winning.

Find a working betting strategy

Everyone gambler has what works for him or her when it comes to online cricket betting, find your wagering style and make good use of it. There are many betting strategies available online which can profit you from cricket betting.

Consider the odds

Odds are mathematical figures which show how possible an event is to come. To win regularly on cricket betting online, check the odds and decide if it can give you the required profit. There are many cricket betting sites with huge odds like this one.

Wage on many cricket games

In betting, it will be in your best interest to bet on various games and betting types. This makes your chances of winning increased.

Always check players' performance

While cricket is a team game, often, a player carries the team to victory. Check player's form before wagering, especially if you want to stake on special bets. An off-form player should be ignored.

Take advantage of the Bonuses offered

Every bookie has different bonuses which they give new and old members. Though these bonuses have policies that guide them, it is a good way to win frequently on cricket online. Bonuses offered include no deposit, deposit, and sign-up rewards.

Different betting categories in online cricket

There are many markets you can wage on cricket games. Let's look at some best-betting markets available.

Outright victory

This is the easiest betting type in cricket, it means you are deciding who wins the game. This bet type requires some form of research to win, however, it is straightforward and comes with huge odds.

The Best Batsman

This is under the special bets' category in cricket and the final score of the match doesn't affect it. There are many good players in cricket, check the IPL and World Cup series. However, choosing the best batsman depends on the team and present form of the player.

Most sixes

This market determines who may score more sixes than any other player on the field. This is a very complicated game, however, with proper analysis, you should be able to win. You can bet on best players or best teams with sixes. Dividing your bets is a good tip on this bet.

The number of match ducks

This is a fantastic bet type where a bookie sets the duck amount you think will happen in the game. It is more or less an over and under game. What this bet means is a cricket player getting sent off without scoring a run. There are many versions of ducks, like silver, golden, and bronze ducks.

Dismissal method

A cricket bettor will choose how a batsman is sent off. It could be bowled, caught out, run out, or by LBW.

Factors to consider before choosing a good cricket betting site

While the internet is filled with numerous Indian cricket betting sites that offer various bets on cricket, here are some essential indices to consider.

Excellent odds

Before patronizing a cricket bookie, consider how big their odds are. Odds determine how much you win, so choosing a cricket betting site with big odds is sacrosanct.

Live bet

Not every bookie offers a live form of bets because of some reasons. However, live betting on cricket is a good way to make huge money because you can study the game as it is played before betting.

Betting sites with Apps

Regularly, gambling innovations happen, apps are part of these innovations. Apps are particularly useful for those on the road who wish to wage on their mobile phones.

Many betting options

It is highly recommended choosing only cricket betting sites with a plethora of cricket markets. Getting many options and markets to bet improves your winning chances.

Quick and simple payment options

Reliable betting platforms have many banking methods that users can credit or withdraw easily. Also, these payment platforms must be safe for gambling. There are many online cricket betting sites betting sites with fast banking modes.


This is very crucial to avoid betting with a fake betting site. Only use legal betting sites in India with gambling permits. Reputable gambling license regulators include Curacao betting agency, UK gambling commission, and Malta gambling agency.

Top cricket betting websites available

There are good online cricket betting sites where you can wage on cricket games, these top cricket bookies in India are many, and they include:

Betway India

Betway is one of the best foreign cricket betting sites in the country. Its amazing odds are one of the things that attract customers to it. They have fast and attentive customer service. According to several sources, Betway is one of the best cricket betting sites in India.


At Casumo betting site, there are many cricket markets one can wage and win lots of money. This IPL betting sites design is sleek and every section is accessible easily. Their odds in cricket are one of the best, and they play fast.

Come on

Come on bookie offer various bonuses up to 100% for new customers. They have been in the gambling industry for a while, and guarantee the safety and easy payments.


Rabona bookie is a relatively new bookie online, but it has many cricket bets you can take advantage of regularly. They accept credit cards and other e-wallet services.


10cric is one of Indian best betting platforms especially for those who love cricket games. They give good bonuses and have flexible policy's on bonus redemption. If you are looking for online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees' mode of payment, use this site.

Finding the best betting sites is easy when considering the factors mentioned in this guide, however, note that to win in cricket games, analyze before you wager.